it all started when..

we found out we were expecting Max. I was so frustrated with the overload  of colorful stuff for babies and how on earth is this suppose to fit into our home. I wanted to keep it minimal, natural and very organically put together, as an extension to what we already had.

So we got him straw baskets for toys, pillows, kilim carpet and linen bedding and when he was born he was wrapped in soft turkish peshtemal, the one we had bathroom full of instead of classic towels. Turkish peshtemal was in fact our first product when my husband  gave me the idea of founding Wild Moon. I believe it was little lobbying though as he comes from Turkey:)

We looked around and found so many great small brands that were not available in our country and believe there is more parents like us who are looking for something similar to surround themselves with. Someone who wants to consume thoughtfully and less and when buying something, trying to utilize it in more ways - not just in the nursery.

Of coarse I could not help it and had to throw in some stuff purely for the mothers, because they need to feel the greatest to look the greatest - comfy, natural and cool even when out and about with their babies.

So this is us - Tess, Hakki and Max and we try to bring you collections of objects which evoke modern attitude with traditional craftsmanship by artisans from around the world, trying to bring little bit of cool breeze and aesthetics of those lovely wild countries like  Australia, Bali, Turkey or Latvia.

Love, T